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Jan 19, 2022

In October 2021, the Israeli government designated six Palestinian civil society organizations, “terrorist institutions”, claiming the groups had ties and were channeling money to the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine. The PFLP is a secular Marxist-Leninist, and revolutionary socialist organization founded in 1967 and, like several other Palestinian political factions, is considered by Israel to be a “terrorist organization.”

The Israeli designation aimed to criminalize the work of the six organizations and cut their international funding. It sparked widespread condemnation from human rights groups across the globe.

Recently, our Palestine News Director, Yumna Patel, sat down with Sahar Francis, the General Director of the Ramallah-based group Addameer, one of the civil society groups targeted by the Israeli government.

Addameer provides legal and advocacy support to Palestinian political prisoners in Israeli and Palestinian prisons. Sahar is an attorney by training, and joined Addameer in 1998, first as a human rights lawyer, then as head of the Legal Unit.

Sahar Francis warns that if this move by the Israeli government goes unchallenged, the effort to undermine Palestinian civil society organizations won’t end with these six groups.

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