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The Mondoweiss Podcast

Mar 25, 2021

This episode is all about elections. On March 23rd Israel held its fourth national election in two years. And starting in May Palestinians in the occupied territory will be holding their first elections in 15 years. Both elections will serve as a referendum on the current leaders, and both will give us insight into what the future may hold, both for Palestinians living under Israeli occupation and, perhaps, Palestinians world-wide.

First, Mondoweiss founder and senior editor Phil Weiss talks with the Israeli human rights activist and writer Yossi Gurvitz to unpack the results of the Israeli election and talk about what comes next. Later, Al-Shabaka Senior Analyst Dr. Yara Hawari and Mondoweiss contributing writer Dr. Haidar Eid speak to our Palestine correspondent, Yumna Patel, about Palestinian politics and whether democratic elections are even possible under Israeli occupation.

01:38 – Yossi Gurvitz interview
31:11 – Dr. Yara Hawari interview
50:58 – Haidar Eid interview