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The Mondoweiss Podcast

Oct 12, 2022

Our fall fundraising campaign is underway and generous supporters have agreed to match your donations. Mondoweiss is a reader and listener-funded non-profit news publication. This gives us the independence to report on events in Palestine accurately and comprehensively because we answer to you, our readers and listeners.

In the past 3 years we’ve invested pretty heavily to grow our team of reporters and contributors. We now have 4 full-time staff in Palestine, 5 full-time staff in the U.S., and many regular contributors all over the world. And I’ll be honest, growing a non-profit news organization in today’s media landscape is a pretty risky move.

But we believe the movement for Palestinian liberation is in a transformative moment. And we believe that Mondoweiss plays a critical role in centering Palestinian and anti-Zionist voices. That’s why we’ve taken this risk to grow our staff in these uncertain times, and it’s why we need your support. Please visit our website at to learn more about our fundraising campaign and chip in. Your contribution will be matched, doubling your impact.

Thanks so much!

The Canadian group Independent Jewish Voices today is releasing a report titled “Unveiling the Chilly Climate - The Suppression of Speech on Palestine In Canada.” Researchers Sheryl Nestel and Rowan Gaudet spent the last year gathering information and testimonials about the repression faced by academics, students and Palestine solidarity activists across Canada.

This is the first study to use ethnographic methodology and qualitative analysis to describe both the overarching effects of this repression as well as the deeply personal impact it has on activists, artists, students and professors. While many people active in the Palestine solidarity movement are familiar with the tactics described in the report, it is shocking to read the dozens of testimonials collected and understand the extent and scope of the suppression efforts.

I spoke to Sheryl and Rowan last week about the report and what can be done to counter these attacks.

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