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The Mondoweiss Podcast

Nov 8, 2023

Israeli bombs continue to rain down on the Palestinian residents of Gaza. As of this recording, over 9,000 Palestinian civilians have been killed, a figure that includes over 3,700 children. Multiple experts on international law and the history of genocide have said that Israel’s actions do indeed amount to genocide.

In this episode of the podcast, we’re going to hear a program staged by the Palestine Festival of Literature on November 1, titled: But We Must Speak: On Palestine and the Mandates of Conscience.

The event featured:

  • Michelle Alexander, the acclaimed civil rights lawyer and author of The New Jim Crow;
  • Professor Rashid Khalidi in conversation with National Book Award winner Ta-Nehisi Coates;
  • Pulitzer Prize-winning Mojave American poet Natalie Diaz;
  • Scholar and international legal expert, Noura Erakat;
  • and poet, activist, and Mondoweiss's Culture Editor, Mohammed El-Kurd.

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